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«Hast Company» (Ukraine) provides a wide choice of marble,landscaping stone and mosaic marble.

The main activity of ООО «Hasta Company» is the export-import operations in the areas of: mechanical engineering, shipbuilding, food, construction, etc.

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In addition, our company carries out representative functions on the residents in Ukraine and presents them on the territory of another states including Vietnam and Poland.

You can also buy stone for landscape, mining equipment and marine equipment, buy pebbles in Ukraine the company “Hast Company” Ukraine.

Vietnam – a stable and developing countries, due to the chosen course of development. Application of a planned economy coupled with a high degree of market relations brought the country to a new level, and the new law on protection of investments attracted investors to the country, which also resulted in an increase of interest in Vietnam as a business partner. The country celebrated the big growth of private enterprise and the products of Vietnamese enterprises have been successfully exported to more than 150 countries. The main export goods are food (coffee, rice, tea, soy, nuts, sugarcane, pepper, peanuts, bananas, poultry, seafood), furniture, clothing and footwear, oil and rubber. The main consumers of Vietnamese enterprises are the U.S., Japan, China, Australia, Singapore. Because of cheap labor products of Vietnam competes with the Chinese. That is why our company has been focusing its cooperation partnership with enterprises in Vietnam.

Poland – as Vietnam is relatively calm weathered the global economic crisis and is the only country in the European Union which saw GDP growth. Poland as an exporter has great potential, through the continuous and efficient transformations occurring in the country on the path to joining the European Union. Major reforms in the banking, economic and social spheres will strengthen the position of Polish enterprises.

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